crazy love

You, me &crazy. I’m bound to your crazy love.

Thanksgiving day parade and a Christmas parade crashed in my head. These parades were made mostly of marching bands. I’ve taken so much medicine that I’m dehydrated. I get sick often. When you are a person who gets sick often you can feel like a burden to your loved ones. It’s even tougher when you add four little kids to that mix. The wife though always the trooper. She gets my medicine. Keeps the kids quiet. Makes sure I’m getting enough fluids. It’s hard for me to just lie there. I want to get up and do work. I have so much work that needs to be done each day. Today I had no choice I couldn’t work my brain was on fire. ¬†As the day went on I thought about how I’ve been married 23 years. Why have we stayed together? We weren’t the most romantic couple. Still aren’t. We are two very different people. We aren’t best friends finishing each others sentences. The one thing we have is passion. We still act like 2 teenagers in love. We still want to please the other person. We work very hard to carve out time for us. We were both told by friends and family when we first starting dating that we were crazy for getting together. I guess they were right we are still crazy… Crazy for each other. Never under estimate crazy.

Draw a heart. Show love.