whiskey, blue., blues, love, heartbreak

Whiskey makes
me blue
but it’s
you that
makes me

I hate it when I have cropping problems. It’s like the image refuses to be cropped. In the saved version it’s cropped. Drives me crazy. Spent a good part of the day putting up a fireplace mantel. It is really cold outside right now. I’m not use to this weather yet. 19 years in California really softens you up. Very happy with this piece. though the heart on the table could be done more subtle. I do love the bottles on the shelf. After I got the mantle up I looked into setting up a zazzle store. I have 931 heart drawings I might as well put them to good use. It’s still a lot of marketing. Need to improve my SEO skills. I need to do something to pull income in. Trying not to let the stress of life get me down. I have people that love me. I need to think only about that. I want to do everything I can for them.

show love. Draw a heart.