love today

Put it off until tomorrow
But tomorrow never comes
then today is the day
I will
Love you
With every fiber

It’s freezing outside. The wind cuts right through you. I keep trying to snuggle with the wife. The kids keep messing that up. That’s what happens when you have four kids. Alone time gets to be a commodity. There is later tonight for mommy daddy time. I also would love to spend the day in the moment. Not thinking about problems. I need to take time with the kids. We plan on going to the park in a little bit. I don’t think they will last ten minutes in this cold. They are after all California kids. Winter isn’t something they know. It will be my first one in twenty years. I am hoping these cold days keep me inside finishing projects. I have a stack of them that need to get done. I would love to make a coffee table book from all my drawings. Not to mention the winter will be a great time to snuggle with the wife. Today is for love because tomorrow may never come. I have to make the most of each day,

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