Love art

Ha Ha Ha
Ha Ha Ha
Why am I laughing?
They took all my
every cent out of my
and let me keep all the
You gave
to me
The fools

When you talk about love being the most important thing people laugh.

Yet in movies when the bad guys want the hero to rob break into somewhere valuable they take his family. He had the ability at any point to do the robbery himself. He didn’t because his family was more important then money. At the end of the movie the hero gets back whats important. How come we can’t see this in our own lives.

FOr me its about finding balance between work and family. Don’t get me wrong I love my work. I love my family more. That isn’t always apparent to them. When I devout most of my time making money that think thats all I care about. They want me more than they want stuff. I try to think about work as a lease on my soul. I don’t want anyone to own it. My life should be mine first not my employer. During this time when most of us get a break from working try to spend as much time with your loved ones as possible. You will be much better for it.

Draw a heart. Show love.