the wind love

Before there was wind
There was our love

You don’t realize how much wind there is at the beach until you live there. It’s like I am in Withering Heights. The front door is rattling. I’m doing much better today. I process bad news very quickly. I feel sorry for people that spend their days hating people. Me I want to spend my days smiling. Eating good food. Having a nice drink. Surrounded by people I love. I would like it to be warm as a bonus. I think this will be our last winter. I am sure we are going to pack up once the kids school ends. I don’t know when I will ever be back home. If the kids weren’t doing so well we would be gone. I want to spend the day focusing on being positive and proactive. I need to have a busy weekend writing. I need to finish my book. I may sneak of to the library to get work done. I love my family but they can slow production down. I get caught up in all their crazy adventures. I need a good night sleep. A little snuggle time with the wife and all should be well.

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