the universe started the day I met you. You are the sunbathe moon and the stars. You are my everything.

You can see a little bit of the orange sherbet for my sons ice cream cone on the art piece. I’m happy it cleaned up as well as it did. today was a long day. I installed stone around a fireplace. It went up 18 feet. it’s harder than you would think to make it look random. To have no pattern to the stones. It was fun to do something new. I always love learning how to do new work. I feel I could about build a house by myself. It was nice to have enough energy when I came home to do my art piece. I am going to try over the next 30 days to do a new piece. I once did it for three years straight so thirty days should be easy. (It’s never easy) But I have to do the work if I am going to get better. Until tomorrow.

Draw a heart. Show love.