love, cleansing waters, water

The sun
& moon
were silent
but the waters
the cleansing waters
drowned us in
its cool dark

Sunday is family time. Took the kids down to the beach. Practiced on my camera. I’m going to master that thing. practice makes perfect. Played cards with my kids. Lied the drawing of the guy in the picture tonight. I don’t like to draw profiles. Getting better. The book I bought the other day is helping. Once again practice makes perfect. I will have to upload the other drawing I did for this. I like this one better. I’m glad we have our health. Like many families in America we are one flat tire away from ruin. I’m going to listen to Leonard Cohen in the dark with my wife and dream about love. Have a good night everyone.

Here’s the other version. You decide which you like better.

love, cleansing, christian

The water will clean you

Just a reminder I have a gofundme campaign. I have some great rewards.

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