modern art thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving day feast modern art

Our Thanksgiving plans got canceled. We are scrambling to make something. We are not big eaters so Thanksgiving isn’t a high priority for us. We don’t get to many invites for Thanksgiving day. I understand we have 4 kids. We are a small army. We are a lot of work. I left the turkey in the cooler overnight outside but when its 28 degrees it doesn’t really thaw out. The bird was frozen solid. I am now cooking it frozen. Dinner will be late. I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m only doing this because we like to give the kids memories. Let’s hope it isn’t a bad one. I can hear them now, “remember the time Thanksgiving went sideways?” “Dad made a complete mess!”

I have really been trying to be grateful these days. I want to give thanks for my family loving me. I want to give thanks for my health. Which lately hasn’t been to bad. Not to many headaches. I have also been sleeping. A huge blessing in my life. I’m thankful for art. I am thankful for music. I am thankful I get to be creative… When I can. Making baby steps to one day only doing art for a living. I pray my body can hold up until then.

Have a happy Thanksgiving Day everyone. Draw a heart. Show love.