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A lot of love

All u need is loveand I have a lot Been listening to the a lot of Beatles music on their new Sirius radio station. Draw a heart. Show love.

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23 years of love

What you doing?Loving you We moved. I cleaned our old place all day. My wife went to work. Thats how we spent mother's day and our 23rd wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary and Mother's day babe. Draw a heart. Show love

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If I was entirely made out of love I would be the strongest man on the planet Draw a heart. Show love.

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Valentine blue

I would call the cops for stealing my heart if I hadn't already stolen yours. Everything is wrong with this years Valentine. I am flat broke. I have a migraine. The wife is at work. I am trying to take care of the kids while only being able to open one eye. They [...]

This bed is hot!

We can think about food laterthis bed is hot! The funny thing about this piece is that the primary focus is on later moments in life. When we stress over something instead of enjoying the right now. My hope this year is to live more in the moment. I worry so much about [...]

Don’t know the lyrics

I don't singI don't know the damn lyricsbut when we lay together we know the beatmy god, do we know the beat I hope to keep loving you every day like the day we got married. Let's keep the passion flowing even when we are old and grey. I am very tired and [...]

Catapult love

never stop catapulting love into the world In four months I will be married 23 years. It seems like only yesterday. I still want to chase her around the room but all those kids we have get in the way now. I can't imagine a life without her. She still annoys me. I [...]

How long will?

How long will I love you? As long as the stars are above you. Run. Run. Love. Love. Work. Work. Sleep. Sleep. Happy Valentine's Day. I wouldn't have my life any other way. All the pain. All the scars. They are mine. They lead me here to you. Now lets go pull down [...]

Thinking of love

spent the day thinking how loved I am You would think a guy who does a website about love would be more prepared for today. Nope. I spent the day running around with those I love. No work just special time with special people. I am a very blessed man to be loved [...]

Young Valentine Heart

Such a sweet time My kids gave Valentines card at school today. It made me think of how love when you are young is so simple. The drawing is inspired by old cartoons were you didn't see people. you would only see their shoes. I am sure this is the last year for [...]