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beer money / kiss like honey

Beer moneyKiss like honeylets tear up this sleepy town I have been married for 24 years. I have 4 kids. Yet my wife and I still have nights like we were first dating. We don't have much money. We have a lot of love. Sometimes we head out to grab a beer. To [...]

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Pocket full of stars

a pocket full of stars isn't worth one of your kisses It's been all work work work. Instead it should be love love love. Draw a heart. Show kindness.

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Monitors of love

When our monitors aka faces both say love Another long tough day. I am thinking of giving up my daily posts. I am so tired but I only have another couple of months and I have done a piece for 3 years straight. Need to make it to the end., Then I will [...]

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pile of debris

only you could find love in this pile of debris Feeling like a pile of debris tonight. Today was one of those days were I keep my head down and do the work. I try to forget who I am for a little while. I try to forget about all my struggles. I [...]

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Spread love

lets spread love across this big blue ball Very tired. My littlest one has been having night terrors all week. I have barely slept 3 hours a night. Need to go to bed Show love. Draw a heart.

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Dear Hate

Dear Hate,Hey in case you weren't aware of the bridge I burnt I'm mailed you the ashes Sunday is spend time with family day. Trying to keep it together each day. Going through some rough times. Was able to buy toilet paper so things are looking up. Enjoy the ones you love they [...]

Burn up the day

let's burn up the day holding each other Took care of all four kids tonight since the wife is at work. The wind is really howling outside. the painting over the fireplace mantle is rattling. It's been a long day. Earlier I helped my dad put in a new front door at his [...]

Don’t know the lyrics

I don't singI don't know the damn lyricsbut when we lay together we know the beatmy god, do we know the beat I hope to keep loving you every day like the day we got married. Let's keep the passion flowing even when we are old and grey. I am very tired and [...]

loving advice talk show host

loving advice from Ellen. Talk show host is in. I first starting putting in drawings of Ellen to see if the wife would notice. She caught on but I wanted to see if I could do it for 30 days. This is the last one. I dream of being on Ellen some day. [...]

No love on the moon

Right now there's no love on the moon but there's still a whole lot of love on earth. There's no love on the moon. On planet earth there's still a whole bunch. Let's never stop caring for one another. Let's love our neighbor no matter what. Draw a heart. Show love.

Love clogs the drain

Only love is going to keep this whole damn thing from going down the drain. Kids had a snow day today. Threw a monkey wrench into the whole day. I was trying to finishing writing the kids book I'm working on. When I was into the third rewrite I notice a little detail [...]

Oh, silly hate

Oh, silly hate you can never destroy love Sunday is family day. I am always lucky to get a drawing done. I usually don't set an alarm clock to get up but tomorrow I am going to need it. WE have a been fighting colds. I am happy to have work coming up [...]

Catapult love

never stop catapulting love into the world In four months I will be married 23 years. It seems like only yesterday. I still want to chase her around the room but all those kids we have get in the way now. I can't imagine a life without her. She still annoys me. I [...]

The angels wept

The earth burned with angereverything seemed lostthe angels weptuntil they saw the couples love Haven't been feeling that great lately. I am grateful for a family that puts up with me. I thought about this piece for a couple of days. I think it came out pretty good. The last couple of nights [...]

Pictures of friendship

I covered the wall with pictures of people that love me. Now I can't find the light switch or... the window Show love. Draw a heart