Every single day

the sun punched the moonthe stars tried tocrush mea rainbow triedto hide youthe sea tried toswallow meFor they were jealousof the loveyou showedme Still working on finding an audience for my art. The art may seem simple and silly. I'm trying to make a powerful message easier to swallow. I want people to [...]

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Hello lover

hello cloudhello sunhello loverlets rollaround on the groundwhile the sun shines Was lucky that I got to finish my art piece tonight with a house full of sick kids. Good news is I can sleep in since they won't be going to school. (I doubt I will get to sleep in) Draw a [...]

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All day a dream

We made the sun our pillowthe clouds were our sheetsAnd we spent all day living a dream Worked so hard today I have blisters. It's good to come home and think about dreams. I feel that I have lost everything but my dreams. It's something this world can't take from you. I am [...]

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Sun surf love

Sunsurflovewhat more doyou need?Nothing love, love, love how productive I have been lately. Really been on a roll. I am really knuckling down on projects. Planting some great seeds for 2017. Work. Work. Work is all I am doing. Well not really. I fell in love with a new cartoon. I love cartoons. [...]