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Rogue one love

Hold me tight as the world crumbles around us. My two year old came into our bed at 4am sick. A couple of hours later he threw up in our bed. After cleaning the mess up with my wife I jumped in the shower. I was planning on seeing Star Wars Rogue One [...]

rebel love

rebel against hate. It is love that causes us to rise up against the evil empire. I was watching the new Star Wars trailer done with Beastie Boys music. I thought about doing this piece. It's been a long 12 hours of straight packing. Looking forward to a shower and bed. Then get [...]

Love awakens

Went and saw the new Star Wars with my son. It brought me back to my childhood. We went to a 9am show at Mann's Chinese Theater. It was on a sweet Imax screen in 3D. It was incredible. We had so much fun. It was great to walking home and talking about [...]

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