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How I feel

How I feelafter seeingyou Spent the whole day fighting a migraine. The guys at work felt sorry for me. I was able to break through the other side around 4pm. I had a teacher conference for my oldest daughter. I filed for our new health insurance. I am exhausted. Need a good night [...]

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Not Valentine’s day

It's not Valentine's Day but you make it feel like it is every day Tired. Just can't get ahead. Seem to be stuck in cycle that I need to get out off. Let's hope for some good sleep and a day full of love. Draw a heart. Show love.

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23 years of love

What you doing?Loving you We moved. I cleaned our old place all day. My wife went to work. Thats how we spent mother's day and our 23rd wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary and Mother's day babe. Draw a heart. Show love

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Big heart mine

Big heart minemine that love for all she's got long day fixing up trailer. almost fell asleep waiting for picture to load. not much family fun today. Need to work less, Hope to be done working on place soon. Draw heart. Show love.

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Spread love

lets spread love across this big blue ball Very tired. My littlest one has been having night terrors all week. I have barely slept 3 hours a night. Need to go to bed Show love. Draw a heart.

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Pictures of love

If I told you I was taking pictures of love all day what would you see? I am sore from todays activities. Need to hit the hay. Show love. Draw a heart

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Moment to say sorry

It onlytakes amomentin the darkto saysorry It's been a long day. It started with one simple mistake and kept building from there. I am close to crying. I have reached the end of my rope. I am trying to do this blog while my wife tries to get our three year old to [...]

Stars shine brighter

Remember worldin the darknessthe stars shineBrighter So bust today i posted something on Instagram and am to busy to see in anyone like it. I wish it was for fun reason but no just work. Plus tired. Haven't been sleeping well again. Need to get some sleep. My kids did make me laugh [...]

Valentine blue

I would call the cops for stealing my heart if I hadn't already stolen yours. Everything is wrong with this years Valentine. I am flat broke. I have a migraine. The wife is at work. I am trying to take care of the kids while only being able to open one eye. They [...]

Don’t know the lyrics

I don't singI don't know the damn lyricsbut when we lay together we know the beatmy god, do we know the beat I hope to keep loving you every day like the day we got married. Let's keep the passion flowing even when we are old and grey. I am very tired and [...]

Breath on the floor

I want to breath with you on the floor. I hope that my wife and I never lose that romance. We have been married 22 years. We still have a very involved romantic life. Which explains us having four kids. That isn't to say we don't have tough times. Our financial strain of [...]

buried in love

bury yourself in love because work blows A very productive day until one of the little ones got sick. Learned how to add text to my images for my upcoming kids book. Very excited. Was a little frustrating at times getting the hang of it but finally got it to work. Fixed printer. [...]

Love clogs the drain

Only love is going to keep this whole damn thing from going down the drain. Kids had a snow day today. Threw a monkey wrench into the whole day. I was trying to finishing writing the kids book I'm working on. When I was into the third rewrite I notice a little detail [...]

Catapult love

never stop catapulting love into the world In four months I will be married 23 years. It seems like only yesterday. I still want to chase her around the room but all those kids we have get in the way now. I can't imagine a life without her. She still annoys me. I [...]

The angels wept

The earth burned with angereverything seemed lostthe angels weptuntil they saw the couples love Haven't been feeling that great lately. I am grateful for a family that puts up with me. I thought about this piece for a couple of days. I think it came out pretty good. The last couple of nights [...]