smiles, giggles and sunshine

Let's spend the day chasing smiles, and giggles and sunshine. Grateful for a day with the kids. It looks like I may take a job out of town. I would will be gone from my family during the week. I would come on the weekends. I need the work. The bills are stacking [...]

I wake up

I wake up loving you... Every Day! It's 9:30 and doubt is trying to sneak into my head. Doubt wants to rob me of my momentum. Not many people read my posts but that's not why I do them every night. I started this blog to become a more loving person. I have [...]

The Huginators

we are here.. to hug you up These guy are here to give hugs. They aren't selfish guys like me. Today is one of those days that you realize you are being selfish. I don't know why I am? I get caught up in what I am doing and don't notice others. I [...]

smiles and hearts

my love is attached to smiles I am happy that at my age I have smiled more than I have frowned. I have nice smiles lines etched into my face. You have to trust me that I am not a person that smiles at everything. There were some rough times that I didn't [...]

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