Keep Calm

KeepCalmandSpoon Really trying to change the pattern of my life. I let the kids stay home and enjoy an extra day off. Trying to let things go. I think I will increase my spooning time. Sounds like a good idea to me need to run that past the wife. Draw a heart. Show [...]

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Love out loud

Love out loud. Love out loud. love out loud. Love out loud. Love out loud. Feeling better today. Had a leaking sink that took up most of my day. Then I have to go work on my place. Life is going by so fast that I can't make a decision. Life is making [...]

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Love not lies

I don't wantyour liesI want yourLove I thought about doing this piece with a stark white background. I don't know if it would have worked better. I do like how the piece turned out. I used card stock for this piece. Watercolor paper would have been a better choice. Watercolors work nicer on [...]

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Why love me?

Why do you love me?Let me spend the rest of my life telling you. Not feeling well. I pray I am not getting sick. Though most likely I am. Pretty much everyone in the family has been sick but me. At least I made it through the work week. I would like to [...]

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Together fun

Let's spendeveryday havingfun together I will be married for 23 years in a couple of months. Love to me is more than just being romantic. It's wanting to spend time every day having fun with that special person in your life. I never thought I would be loved like this when I was [...]

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This bed is hot!

We can think about food laterthis bed is hot! The funny thing about this piece is that the primary focus is on later moments in life. When we stress over something instead of enjoying the right now. My hope this year is to live more in the moment. I worry so much about [...]