Every single day

the sun punched the moonthe stars tried tocrush mea rainbow triedto hide youthe sea tried toswallow meFor they were jealousof the loveyou showedme Still working on finding an audience for my art. The art may seem simple and silly. I'm trying to make a powerful message easier to swallow. I want people to [...]

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Since I met u

Since I met you my heart has been full of rainbows, unicorns and sunshine. It's hard to work in a trailer that is bouncing all around. The kids are going crazy. I admit this is my fault. I bought them a 100 emoji balloons. They have blown up a bunch and are chasing [...]

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I love you rainbow

I love you rainbow.I love you baby blue. Feeling silly today. The kids had a 2 hour school delay. It caused chaos across my how schedule. Was out of sync all day. I still haven't found my coffee thermos. It's going to be a rough day tomorrow without my coffee. I need to [...]

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More red rainbow

There's a rainbow outside that's more red than blue. Today's drawing more red than blue rainbow was inspired by the John Prine song, Color of the blues. My rainbow has more red than his blue rainbow. I am trying to draw a piece that shows gratitude all month.(I started late on January 8th) [...]

love makes rainbows

love turns those storms into something beautiful I am both physical tired and mentally tired. I've had some dark and stormy days this past year. Now it's time for the rainbow. For the promise of new life. No matter how bad things got I just kept plowing ahead. I knew sooner or later [...]