Every season… Storm.

Every season... Storm. I will love you. Spent the day doing projects around the house. Trying to fight off this wave of depression. The year is ending and I feel unaccomplished. I need to finish a creative project before the year is over. I'm thankful for the loving support of my family during [...]

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Where where should I go?

The beach?No.The mountains?no.Big city party?No.Your heart?Yes. Happy to be feeling better. Sunday I was in intense pain. Had to go to the hospital. Ended up passing a kidney stone monday morning. It was about half the size of a pea. Very thankful to have family to love me. Happy to have loved ones [...]

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Love rhythm

Love is the rhythm Every single day I do something to improve my life. When it's a loving act it makes me feel great. Today I carried a positive mindset all day. Draw a heart. Show love.

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A lot of love

All u need is loveand I have a lot Been listening to the a lot of Beatles music on their new Sirius radio station. Draw a heart. Show love.

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Text destroyed heart

Thattext usentdestroyedmyheart I wanted the melted heart to highlight the text. I thought about adding color to the text boxes. I thought about using a cold color. Maybe silver or blue. I really like the piece. The layering of the colors makes the piece more rich. The multiple layers have a real heart [...]

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In tears

In all these tears I will find love. I'm so tired I am almost in tears. One good thing I uncovered a reoccurring pattern that happens each night that I have to eliminate. I need to focus on having a system not goals. Each night when I go over my days accomplishments I [...]

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Not alone

I don't want to be alone. You don't have to Having fun playing with shapes. I also wanted to experiment with negative space. This was a fun quick piece. I was thinking are we ever truly alone? I think we make ourselves alone more than we are actually alone. There is always more [...]

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Do I need to?

Do I need to forget everything I know to find love? Today I realized I am a a-hole and a burden. Working to fix that. I sometimes want to fit in that I dominate conversations. I tend to speak my mind with no filter. I had no idea how much of a wake [...]

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Illuminate love

I want to illuminate every inch of you It will be 23 years in may that I have been married. I still want to illuminate every square inch of my wife. I still love spending time with you babe. Thanks for letting me drive you crazy. Draw a heart. Show love.

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The depth of love

The depth of your love amazes me Sunday is family fun day. I hope you enjoy the drawing. Love someone today so deep that they can't fathom where it ends. Draw a heart. Show kindness.

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Love Box aka Tardis

I know I'm a time lord because I have loved you forever My wife is working tonight so I have all four kids.. It was a mellow evening. One of them was sick. The two youngest dressed up. One was Batman the other Batgirl. They were fighting each other and anybody that got [...]

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Inside out

Let's wake upevery morning withour clothes insideout Much happier with tonights piece. I have been grumpy of late and this morning I decided to stop being grumpy. I let to many things get the better of me. There are times ok most of the time I wish I could turn off my brain. [...]

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Love out loud

Love out loud. Love out loud. love out loud. Love out loud. Love out loud. Feeling better today. Had a leaking sink that took up most of my day. Then I have to go work on my place. Life is going by so fast that I can't make a decision. Life is making [...]

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pile of debris

only you could find love in this pile of debris Feeling like a pile of debris tonight. Today was one of those days were I keep my head down and do the work. I try to forget who I am for a little while. I try to forget about all my struggles. I [...]

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Love 42 dimensions

I checked.I love you in all 42 dimensions Did two painting jobs today. Spent. Need to go to sleep. Enjoy tonights piece. Draw a heart. Show kindness.

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