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The cleansing waters

The sun& moonwere silentbut the watersthe cleansing watersdrowned us inits cool darkembrace Sunday is family time. Took the kids down to the beach. Practiced on my camera. I'm going to master that thing. practice makes perfect. Played cards with my kids. Lied the drawing of the guy in the picture tonight. I don't [...]

Put it behind you

put rage malice bitterness behind you The hardest thing I am trying to do this year. I want to be anger. I want to rage. I can't believe how depressed I am right now. Trying to turn 2017 around.. Show love. Draw a heart.

Blue doesn’t look good

Blue doesn't look good on youlet me paint you gold, let me paint you silver Almost forgot to post today. With 4 kids Christmas eve is insane. Have a lot to do be fore I can go to bed. Merry Christmas everyone. Think about showing love to someone tomorrow you don't know. Show [...]

2nd wind + love

pour your gasolinesay your hurtful wordsI'm about to catch my second windthen that will be your endof your nasty plans My wife at the young age of 42 today got her learners permit. It has been a crazy day. Helped my dad at his place. Worked on getting my life on track. I [...]

I wish + love

I can wishDreamPleadBut I'm not, I'm notthe onebecause you are lookingfor truelove This could have been my High School theme song. I could wish to be in love but I never was the one. Spent a lot of time in the friend zone liking girls I shouldn't have been chasing after. I am [...]

Love hook

Love is off the hook. A long day. It's time for us to let love of the hook. We need to fill this world with love. This isn't the time for being right or wrong it's the time for loving each other. This needs to be the central theme of my life each [...]

Shades of me

There wasn't a shade of me I hide from you. Your heart was mine. my heart was yours. Watched Captain America civil war tonight. Yes my life has been that busy that I haven't seen it until now. I have no idea where they are going to go after this. I love when [...]

Love isn’t a game

love isn't a game Some days the sun shines. Some days it rains. Then there's days you never come out of your room and you have no idea what is going on in the world. You are so caught up in your own problems you notice nothing else. I can not get out [...]

Be silly & love

Be silly & love. When do we stop being silly and loving? My five year old is always saying she loves everybody. I know one day this will end. It pains me that someday she will met someone that will end that loving spirit in her. When I se e my kids reacting [...]

I love was a test?

If love was a test I would be failing I need your help I need your love I have been struggling with what it means to love. How much should I sacrifice? Where do I end and love begins? Or is there only love? It is weighing me down. These are the problems [...]

Love dancing on clouds

Love dancing on one cloud after another with you

We kept spinning

  We kept spinning and spinning until we fell into each other's hearts. Neck feeling stiff today. I hope I am not coming down with something. I have so much work to do. I worked for 8 hours before I realized I hadn't eaten today. I keep skipping lunch. The wife took the [...]

Your colors

I will enjoy your colors forever. I really enjoy this piece. Sometimes a song speaks to me. Zedd's song Beautiful inspired this piece. I wanted flames coming out of there eyes. The piece would have to be bigger for that. I may do a painting of this later. Draw a heart. Show love.

Your hand

I want to hold your hand forever. It's been a long work week. I am glad I am working for something more than money. I wouldn't work this hard if I didn't have people that love me. I work every day for them. Ok sometimes for myself. I do like a good craft [...]

Love and dancing

Love it makes you want to dance. There are times I want to disappear and never be seen again. Love though draws you into the light. Love causes you to commune with other human beings. Love doesn't want to you to sit in the dark by yourself. It's built into our DNA to [...]

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