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Where where should I go?

The beach?No.The mountains?no.Big city party?No.Your heart?Yes. Happy to be feeling better. Sunday I was in intense pain. Had to go to the hospital. Ended up passing a kidney stone monday morning. It was about half the size of a pea. Very thankful to have family to love me. Happy to have loved ones [...]

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The cleansing waters

The sun& moonwere silentbut the watersthe cleansing watersdrowned us inits cool darkembrace Sunday is family time. Took the kids down to the beach. Practiced on my camera. I'm going to master that thing. practice makes perfect. Played cards with my kids. Lied the drawing of the guy in the picture tonight. I don't [...]

2nd wind + love

pour your gasolinesay your hurtful wordsI'm about to catch my second windthen that will be your endof your nasty plans My wife at the young age of 42 today got her learners permit. It has been a crazy day. Helped my dad at his place. Worked on getting my life on track. I [...]

I have your love.

Life may be passing me by but at least I have your love. Life has been humbling me lately. I now have no place to live with my family. I would be freaking out if it wasn't for the love of my wife. I hope in the time it takes to pack and [...]

Love dancing on clouds

Love dancing on one cloud after another with you

love hugs

you don't have to be a superhero to give great hugs. Spent half the day reshooting the ending to our kickstarter campaign. Then it was the hundred little things that we need to do to launch in 2 days. It's been crazy. I keep spending money in hopes it works out. I am [...]

Love’s got you

Hang in there love's got you. I am trying to hang in there. I am back to having headaches everyday no matter what I do. I could focus only on the negative in my life right now but I am choosing not to. If I was to count all the love I have [...]

Love eternity

Love powers eternity. I really like how this piece turned out. I poured my passion into this piece. I was happy that I finished these a little early. I was able to watch an episode of Mr. Robot because I was ahead of schedule. It is a great show. I am putting it [...]

Lead me to…

Lead me to your heart Had a terrible headache all day. My four year old thought it was funny that I had a frozen washcloth on my head. I am so tired. Keep loving every day. Draw a heart. Show your heart.

Don’t be adrift

I'm adrift without love. Spent a little to much time with celebrating with a friend tonight. It is late I can't believe I am still up. Not bad for only four hours of sleep last night. Need to get to bed. Without love I am truly adrift. Before I found love my life [...]

House full

House full of love and smiling faces. I really need to spend time with the family this weekend. I have been working so much lately. Working two jobs leaves me sad but I have to take the work while there is work. Need to think of some thing special to do with the [...]

You know

You know every piece of me because I truly love you. Heading out to a party. Draw a heart. Show your love.

love waits

when you feel lonely know I am waiting

I quit work

I quit gone looking for love. Two kids barfing their guts out. I am holding it in. Stomach upset. Finish post before it's to late. Have a good night people. It's going to be a rough one here. Draw a heart show people you care about love.

How long will I love you?

How long will I love you? As long as the sea is bound to wash upon the sea.