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Why can’t I

Why can't I except your love. First version. Why can't I except your love. Second version of piece Been experimenting with my style. i don't like the first version as much. I think it's to busy. The wife liked it. The second version seems to be were I'm drifting these days. [...]

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You,me & crazy

You, me &crazy. I'm bound to your crazy love. Thanksgiving day parade and a Christmas parade crashed in my head. These parades were made mostly of marching bands. I've taken so much medicine that I'm dehydrated. I get sick often. When you are a person who gets sick often you can feel like [...]

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Every morning

Every morning I need your love I need love more and more in my life. Without love I can feel the very fabric of life disintegrating around me. I once was content to being alone. Now I'm addicted to love. I've had some of the pure stuff. The love that gives you that [...]

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Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual It took everything to get up this morning. I really wanted to blow off work. I made it to work though. It was a short day. I stained a door. Got really good responses to my modern art piece last night I decided to do another piece. Its a very simple [...]

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Morning kiss

Morning kiss I love shapes. I love colors. Sooner or later I would do some modern art pieces. This is my first real attempt. It's carry simple. I am sure most people could look at this piece and tell what its about. I was at work staining fiberglass doors which gave my mind [...]

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