How I feel

How I feelafter seeingyou Spent the whole day fighting a migraine. The guys at work felt sorry for me. I was able to break through the other side around 4pm. I had a teacher conference for my oldest daughter. I filed for our new health insurance. I am exhausted. Need a good night [...]

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Me you sandwich

I love theMe you sandwich It should be you me sandwich but I like the sound of me you sandwich better. I haven't been feeling well lately. Really tired. I was mudding a wall today and the pan felt so heavy. I don't know if it's a lack of sleep. The hose to [...]

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Lived in buildings

Everyonelivedin buildingsWe livedin yourheartunderthe stars This blog isn't about making money. It's not a blog about getting famous. Many many people are writing blogs about those subjects. My blog is about the love. A subject I consider the most important thing you can add to your life. Love lasts forever. Trust me fame [...]

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Good golly Molly

GoodgollyMollylovebites Today a stone at work a stone fell about 10 feet on my lower back. TO say it hurts is an understatement. It weighed about 30 lbs. I walked it off and went right back to work. On a lighter side I am trying to get use to using 2 jars of [...]

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Every morning

Every morning I need your love I need love more and more in my life. Without love I can feel the very fabric of life disintegrating around me. I once was content to being alone. Now I'm addicted to love. I've had some of the pure stuff. The love that gives you that [...]

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Devour my heart

Devour my heart. Very productive day. Went back to doing a construction job. Got a stairwell at a office building prepped for painting. Took the kids to the pool after work. had fun playing with them. Then I did a youtube video for our new toy channel. Then tried a little mixed media. [...]

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The worldburnedas Ikissedyou With so much ugliness these days on Facebook it must have effected my subconscious. I dreamed last night the world came to an end. In my dream I only wanted to find my wife and kiss her. At least I am still thinking about love in those last moments. I [...]

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Love is the nectar of life

You are the nectar that brings me life Happy fourth of July everyone. I spent the day with family, I fixed the bottom step of my trailer. The best thing z did was jack up the trailer to put supports under the wheels. We were starting to sink in ground. Glad to get [...]

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Bite you Hard

I want to bite youI promise it won't be to hard Made it through the day with a positive loving attitude even when I got bad news. I'm working on being more loving. Today was a grow day for me. I need to string more of these days together. I keep giving advice [...]

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Every day is a gift

Every day with you is a gift So very busy. I'm surprised I was a blue to get a drawing done today. Gearing up for a big move. Draw a heart. Show love.

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Kiss thief

I'm going to still a kissoh, okshhhhhh! Shhhhhh! Shhhhhh! Bonkers tired. May the force and love be with you today. Draw a heart. Show love.

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I died the day we met

I died the day I met u When it comes to true love we die to ourselves. We become one with the person we love. It's hard to think this way after twenty years of marriage. I have been doing a lot of thinking about the early days of dating my wife. It [...]

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Text destroyed heart

Thattext usentdestroyedmyheart I wanted the melted heart to highlight the text. I thought about adding color to the text boxes. I thought about using a cold color. Maybe silver or blue. I really like the piece. The layering of the colors makes the piece more rich. The multiple layers have a real heart [...]

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Long term love

I wished someone loved me.Right next to you Anyone who has been in a long term relationship gets this drawing. I will be coming ip on my 23 wedding anniversary in May. I will have been in the same relationship for half on my life. I started reflexing on my relationship with my [...]

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In tears

In all these tears I will find love. I'm so tired I am almost in tears. One good thing I uncovered a reoccurring pattern that happens each night that I have to eliminate. I need to focus on having a system not goals. Each night when I go over my days accomplishments I [...]

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