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Sharing rubble

When the world endsI'm glad we will besharing a pile of rubble together Got a lot done today. Helped my dad clear out his garage so he can put a model A car inside. He is so happy that he is going to restore an old car. I hope that my son and [...]

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Me you sandwich

I love theMe you sandwich It should be you me sandwich but I like the sound of me you sandwich better. I haven't been feeling well lately. Really tired. I was mudding a wall today and the pan felt so heavy. I don't know if it's a lack of sleep. The hose to [...]

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Always jumping

We were always jumping in the air.we never knew why.Until you landed in my arms. Running a little late today. Last night everyone in the family was up in the middle of the night. My wife got up to the kids eating waffles. Everyone was in a good mood despite the hour. I [...]

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Under the covers

We spent the whole winter under the covers This was the second attempt at the theme I was going for. I'm ok with it. Below is the first attempt. I don't like the upper part of the painting. Though when I cropped it after scanning I didn't think it looked to bad. [...]

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Love at the lake

A young couple in love at the lake Had to push myself to get through work today after the long weekend. Not going to do to much writing tonight. I was inspired by all the paintings at the National museum of Art. I want to try a whole bunch of styles. I love [...]

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For you and me

They devoured the sea. They consumed the wind. They scorched the land. They said it was for the love of you and me. & not their greed. Spent the weekend with the family in Washington D.C. It was great to see incredible art again. Feeling very inspired. Also very tired. We did a [...]

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The power of kindness I try pretty much everyday to improve my art. Today I bought Real Artists Don't Starve: Timeless Strategies for Thriving in the New Creative Age by Jeff Goins. I would love to make enough money to support my family. It's tough. I have done it in the past with my acting. [...]

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Neon in grey

Neon in a grey crowd This morning as I was getting the kids ready for school we were jamming out to Kelsea Ballerini's new Album Apologetically. It's a great album. I love the song Legend. I have done some sketches earlier for an idea I had for this song. I got to thinking [...]

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Girl get that dress

Girl wear the dress I always dream about, ohWe'll chase the moon. Ride the stars Inspired by Kip Moore's song Crazy One More Time on album Up All Night and Van Gogh's Bedroom in Arles. The lyrics of the song are on the dress laying on the bed. I had a lot of [...]

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beer money / kiss like honey

Beer moneyKiss like honeylets tear up this sleepy town I have been married for 24 years. I have 4 kids. Yet my wife and I still have nights like we were first dating. We don't have much money. We have a lot of love. Sometimes we head out to grab a beer. To [...]

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Reach my dreams

I will never reach my dreams without your love My foundation for trying to achieve my dreams is because of my families love. Most important is my wife's love. She gives up so much to allow me to be creative. She believes me. There is so much power in someone believing in you. [...]

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Me + You = Love forever

I died the day I entered your heart This drawing isn't about physical death, it's about death to oneself. I have been married for 24 years. I think this concept rings true if one wants to stay with someone for a long time. It's hard to be in a relationship when you put [...]

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Lost key

Don't forget you have the key to my heart It's been raining on and off all day. It's suppose to rain all day tomorrow. This is making my depressed. I miss sunny California days. I'm one of the few people that love living in Los Angeles and I'm the one that left. I [...]

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Fear the thief

FearStop stealing my love Feeling stuck. Not living the life I want to live right now. I need to get off the mat. The terrible thing is I knocked myself down. I have learned a lot about myself in the last few months. One thing I have learned if I don't have a [...]

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Where where should I go?

The beach?No.The mountains?no.Big city party?No.Your heart?Yes. Happy to be feeling better. Sunday I was in intense pain. Had to go to the hospital. Ended up passing a kidney stone monday morning. It was about half the size of a pea. Very thankful to have family to love me. Happy to have loved ones [...]

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