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Where is this going?

Where is this going? I don't know but go on this crazy adventure with me. Crazy night. I had a 4 kids tonight by myself. To of them were fighting all the time. The wife was 45 minutes late. I am way behind schedule tonight. So I did this piece with marker. I [...]

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Steal our love

All the worldwanted to reachdown and stealour love Rough day. Still not sleeping. Woke up last night with a very bad bloody nose. Couldn't get bak to sleep after that. I have so much on my mind these days. At some point I have some big decisions to make. I need to keep [...]

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Love not lies

I don't wantyour liesI want yourLove I thought about doing this piece with a stark white background. I don't know if it would have worked better. I do like how the piece turned out. I used card stock for this piece. Watercolor paper would have been a better choice. Watercolors work nicer on [...]

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