Love out loud

Love out loud. Love out loud. love out loud. Love out loud. Love out loud. Feeling better today. Had a leaking sink that took up most of my day. Then I have to go work on my place. Life is going by so fast that I can't make a decision. Life is making [...]

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Humbled and broken

I am humbled and broken like the seashells on the beach. Took a walk on the beach today. I have been listening to Ryan Adams Prisoner all day. It's a great album. So excited. I wish I could see him in concert this year. When I get to the West coast he will [...]

tastes like sand

Life without lovetastes like sand.Sand! Had a good day. Got all the pages for my kids book roughed out. Now time to start doing the finished pages. I will have to learn to add in the words with gimp. I pray that goes well. I do not know the software at all. I [...]