Love the long road

Love the long road worth taking Love is waking up at five in the morning and instead of trying to get more sleep you get up to go buy doughnuts. So everyone you care about has a special treat to start their day. Their happiness makes you happy. Keeping doing loving acts for [...]

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Full of snuggles

Love is loud, crazy and full of snuggles. A day full of progress. I wrote so much today. Almost no wasted time. A great day. Spent time with the kids. Show loved. Loved the wife. Had great food and drink. Staying mostly focused on my goal of being a more loving person. Tying [...]

Mistakes + love

My life is full of mistakes but you ain't one of them With the year coming to an end it got me thinking. In a few years I will have been married 25 years. Yes 25 years a quarter of a century. I never thought we would make it this far. Our first [...]

Sugar + Love

Would you, Would youWould you be my sugar, sugarcause I want you on every thing I am going to spend the next 11 days drawing a heart inspired by each song from Maren Morris album Hero. i want to show how creativity is inspired by a number of factors. One of them for [...]

Test of the day

test of the day I went against my better judgement. I should have go to that commercial shoot. Even if it meant a 5 hour drive. I have to get outside of myself. If I don't start focusing on taking care of myself this family will be homeless. We are running out of [...]

Shades of me

There wasn't a shade of me I hide from you. Your heart was mine. my heart was yours. Watched Captain America civil war tonight. Yes my life has been that busy that I haven't seen it until now. I have no idea where they are going to go after this. I love when [...]

Love candy

Love better than candy. I have four kids so I am surprised I even was able to do a drawing today. My two year old refused to put on his costume. He fell asleep in the car on our way to our first trunk or treat. It was interesting, I would to go [...]

Jumping jumping love

We were jumping jumping up and down for love. No sleep. People being rude. Nothing has taken the smile of my face. I am home with my family after being gone for a week. I don't know how people do this all the time. I am exhausted. The good news is I haven't [...]

without you

The world without you has no color I miss my family. I'm tired. So much more work to do. The only reason I have the strength right now is your love. I can feel it across this great country. There's no distance that can stop us from loving each other. It's your love [...]

No hiding

No! we will not hide our love Going to bed will be in Los Angeles in a few hours. Let's hope all goes well with my flight. Happy thoughts just think happy thoughts. Show love. Draw a heart.

Looking for love

Looking for love in this cold dark place I am sitting in the bathroom working on draw a heart piece. It's the only place in the house that I can turn the lights without waking the kids. It's been a rough two days. I had a tough night on top of it. Terrible [...]

say you love me

please say you love me one more time my life right now is a swamp if i don't keep pushing forward I will sink right down. Today was a day of moving forward. Even if that forward was one an inch. It was hard fought. I am very tired. I got to ed [...]

Howl for love

You say I howl for nothing...I howl for love My life is about to change once again. I have no plan. I am just making giant leaps. All the best things in my life have happened without a plan. Time to make something great happen again. Show love. Draw a heart.  

Forever in the sky

Our love can go on forever in the sky Trying to get tonight's post finished so I can grab a few extra zzzs. It was a long night last night. Kids keep getting up. I need at least one good night sleep a week. Having four kids makes this almost impossible each week [...]

Love left

This is for the love I left behind Trying to not let the walls of life crush me. Life is really trying to squeeze the happiness out of me. I just want to be an artist. I want nothing more than for people to love each other more. If my art does nothing [...]