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Every season… Storm.

Every season... Storm. I will love you. Spent the day doing projects around the house. Trying to fight off this wave of depression. The year is ending and I feel unaccomplished. I need to finish a creative project before the year is over. I'm thankful for the loving support of my family during [...]

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Me + You = Love forever

I died the day I entered your heart This drawing isn't about physical death, it's about death to oneself. I have been married for 24 years. I think this concept rings true if one wants to stay with someone for a long time. It's hard to be in a relationship when you put [...]

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Torn down

I would have torn down the gates of heaven for your love Today's piece marks me doing this for three years straight. This will be my last piece for awhile. I have had fun. It's been stressful doing a piece every day no matter what. I have grown a lot. I will do [...]

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Snuggle bugs

This bed is full of snuggle bugs Going to spend some time snuggling with the wife. draw a heart. Show love.

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Rain you can’t

  Rain you can't washme awayBecause I have love& love last forever Running on empty I need a these next few days off. Draw a heart. Show love.

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Love the long road

Love the long road worth taking Love is waking up at five in the morning and instead of trying to get more sleep you get up to go buy doughnuts. So everyone you care about has a special treat to start their day. Their happiness makes you happy. Keeping doing loving acts for [...]

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If I was entirely made out of love I would be the strongest man on the planet Draw a heart. Show love.

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In tears

In all these tears I will find love. I'm so tired I am almost in tears. One good thing I uncovered a reoccurring pattern that happens each night that I have to eliminate. I need to focus on having a system not goals. Each night when I go over my days accomplishments I [...]

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Bridge to happy town

Love a bridge to Happy town So very tired. I have been very happy with the progress of my pieces lately. My life may be a mess but at least my art work is doing well. There's always a silver lining to everything. Draw a heart. Show kindness.

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Super bright love

Our love is so bright we have to wear shades Stressful day. My daughter had a melt down at school. i had to go get her. She was so tired that she fell asleep in the car on the way home.Between being sick and having allergies she hasn't been getting enough sleep. Plus [...]

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Oh, love song

Oh, love song you take me to a special placethat only you & me canfly away to Very tired. You are bound to have one of those days when you have four kids. Last night all of them had something going on. From being sick to nightmares. I don't think I slept more [...]

New York City+ love

It was cold, rainy but we fell in love with your streets in the last 72 hours I have slept less than 8. I'm very tired. The whole family drove to New York City for an audition. I had a screaming headache. It was pouring rain. It was cold. We didn't have umbrellas. [...]

Love is magic

When people say love isn't magicI show them what my heart looked like before you came into my life I was sitting at a light waiting for the green arrow. Lost in my thoughts. I keep thinking where did I go wrong. Did I make a wrong turn. Did I stop when I [...]

The wind + love

Before there was windThere was our love You don't realize how much wind there is at the beach until you live there. It's like I am in Withering Heights. The front door is rattling. I'm doing much better today. I process bad news very quickly. I feel sorry for people that spend their [...]

Look among the garbage and flowers for love

And she shows you where to look among the garbage and flowers There are heroes in the seaweed There are children in the morning They are leaning out for love... Leonard Cohen I wanted to do a drawing since Leonard Cohen passed away. I want to complain about the people below me but [...]