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Haunt me

In the darkness of our heart love is still there shimmering in the night. The night sky has two washes of color. I wanted the night sky to have a depressing blue tone to it. The trees have at least three different color washes on them. I would love to experiment more with [...]

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Heaven kissed me

Heaven reached down and kissed me Working on getting our stuff consolidated down to fit in a 29 foot trailer. It's not easy. We lived in an a apartment for almost 20 years. Sometimes I miss the space. I do like a nice kitchen. I am hoping setting up a grill area will [...]

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Love is the nectar of life

You are the nectar that brings me life Happy fourth of July everyone. I spent the day with family, I fixed the bottom step of my trailer. The best thing z did was jack up the trailer to put supports under the wheels. We were starting to sink in ground. Glad to get [...]

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Rain you can’t

  Rain you can't washme awayBecause I have love& love last forever Running on empty I need a these next few days off. Draw a heart. Show love.

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Winds of change

The winds of change are a blowingThis old heart may be a healing Suffering through my first real dose of humidity in 19 years. Not use to sweating. Starting to get in the groove of living in a trailer. The kids love running around. Today the found out the neighbor has a mini [...]

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I don’t understand love

I still don't understand love Even after after 23 years of marriage love at times still baffles me. I keep trying to understand. Draw a heart. Show love.

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23 years of love

What you doing?Loving you We moved. I cleaned our old place all day. My wife went to work. Thats how we spent mother's day and our 23rd wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary and Mother's day babe. Draw a heart. Show love

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Bleed for love

I would bleed myself dry for your love Work. Work. Work. These days there isn't much time for anything. Trying to relax and be in the moment is hard for me. I'm trying. Hopefully it all slows down a little after this weekend. Draw a heart. Show love.

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Never sleep

We never lay down to sleep Sunday is usually a slow day hanging with family. Not much of that happening since I have been fixing up our trailer. aka the money pit. I have to admit the only time I don't mind not sleeping is when it comes to being with my wife. [...]

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Burn up the day

let's burn up the day holding each other Took care of all four kids tonight since the wife is at work. The wind is really howling outside. the painting over the fireplace mantle is rattling. It's been a long day. Earlier I helped my dad put in a new front door at his [...]

Love stands out

Have your love stand out. Tired. More like tap out. I worked on my book today. Feel like I hit a creative wall. I will watch a little Captain Fantastic tonight. Tired of looking for work. Hoping to make some money before my sons third birthday. I would like to get him a [...]

Garden of love

The garden of love is full of mysteries Even when you are in a pit one can still dream. Hitting some rough times right now. A friend from Los Angeles passed away the other day. He was only 42. He was incredibly sweet guy. When he came over to our apartment building to [...]

smiles, giggles and sunshine

Let's spend the day chasing smiles, and giggles and sunshine. Grateful for a day with the kids. It looks like I may take a job out of town. I would will be gone from my family during the week. I would come on the weekends. I need the work. The bills are stacking [...]

Cost of dreaming

A cup of coffeecost morethan dreaming Going to dream about being back in California as I watch the Golden Globes. Life is amazing. You at any point can turn around and do something miraculous. I keep creating. I keep dreaming. I keep loving. Someday I will find an audience that loves me. Until [...]

Glimpses of love

Glimpses. Glimpses is all I caught of you. I was almost lost in the spinning of the day if it wasn't for those glimpses. It has been a full day. I finished up my gofundme campaign. It took a lot of love to finish the video. I got it done on time. Very [...]