Love candy

Love better than candy. I have four kids so I am surprised I even was able to do a drawing today. My two year old refused to put on his costume. He fell asleep in the car on our way to our first trunk or treat. It was interesting, I would to go [...]

Fall into love

Fall into love... and kiss me Feeling lucky to be alive today. I am happy with how my website is looking. I will have to play around with the layout until I get it just right. Need to set up a easy shop. I think I can sell a few prints over there. [...]

Love Halloween

Los Angeles loves Halloween and so do we. Had a blast today with the kids.

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Love & treats

oh Halloween how we love you as a family Today we went Halloween shopping. This is when I realize we have a lot of kids. One from the price of buying so many costumes. An we don't buy the whole thing just pieces to complete an outfit. It got a little frustrating. The [...]

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Halloween Heart

I love Halloween My back went out on me at work today. Came home and had to lay on a heating pad. I really love Halloween. When you have kids its even more fun. I love to mix different textures. I used pen, paint and crayon. Well I have to get back to [...]

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