Love Box aka Tardis

I know I'm a time lord because I have loved you forever My wife is working tonight so I have all four kids.. It was a mellow evening. One of them was sick. The two youngest dressed up. One was Batman the other Batgirl. They were fighting each other and anybody that got [...]

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Hello lover

hello cloudhello sunhello loverlets rollaround on the groundwhile the sun shines Was lucky that I got to finish my art piece tonight with a house full of sick kids. Good news is I can sleep in since they won't be going to school. (I doubt I will get to sleep in) Draw a [...]

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Together fun

Let's spendeveryday havingfun together I will be married for 23 years in a couple of months. Love to me is more than just being romantic. It's wanting to spend time every day having fun with that special person in your life. I never thought I would be loved like this when I was [...]

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Ninja love

We love each other more than Ninjas love throwing stars. Sunday is family fun day. We had fun running errands this Sunday. My youngest son finished collecting all the little lego minifies from the Lego Batman movie. It was a fun day. Even got free cupcakes  when we stopped into Walmart. Going to [...]

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