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The universe started

the universe started the day I met you. You are the sunbathe moon and the stars. You are my everything. You can see a little bit of the orange sherbet for my sons ice cream cone on the art piece. I'm happy it cleaned up as well as it did. today was a [...]

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Winds of change

The winds of change are a blowingThis old heart may be a healing Suffering through my first real dose of humidity in 19 years. Not use to sweating. Starting to get in the groove of living in a trailer. The kids love running around. Today the found out the neighbor has a mini [...]

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23 years of love

What you doing?Loving you We moved. I cleaned our old place all day. My wife went to work. Thats how we spent mother's day and our 23rd wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary and Mother's day babe. Draw a heart. Show love

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Love and the vortex

Wewent throughthe vortex&came out lovingeach other more Can it be art if you are having fun? Thought of the day. The wife and I have almost been married 23 years. We have been through the vortex aka life. Some days I think I love her more and some days not. Today was a [...]

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Bridge to happy town

Love a bridge to Happy town So very tired. I have been very happy with the progress of my pieces lately. My life may be a mess but at least my art work is doing well. There's always a silver lining to everything. Draw a heart. Show kindness.

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Pocket full of stars

a pocket full of stars isn't worth one of your kisses It's been all work work work. Instead it should be love love love. Draw a heart. Show kindness.

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Monitors of love

When our monitors aka faces both say love Another long tough day. I am thinking of giving up my daily posts. I am so tired but I only have another couple of months and I have done a piece for 3 years straight. Need to make it to the end., Then I will [...]

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Stars shine brighter

Remember worldin the darknessthe stars shineBrighter So bust today i posted something on Instagram and am to busy to see in anyone like it. I wish it was for fun reason but no just work. Plus tired. Haven't been sleeping well again. Need to get some sleep. My kids did make me laugh [...]

Humbled and broken

I am humbled and broken like the seashells on the beach. Took a walk on the beach today. I have been listening to Ryan Adams Prisoner all day. It's a great album. So excited. I wish I could see him in concert this year. When I get to the West coast he will [...]

Deep in your love

Drown me deep in your love. I keep exploring what it means to be immersed in love. For someone married over 20 years this is a thought I keep returning to. My wife and I have survived being married longer than a lot of our friends which amazes me. So many of our [...]

Valentine blue

I would call the cops for stealing my heart if I hadn't already stolen yours. Everything is wrong with this years Valentine. I am flat broke. I have a migraine. The wife is at work. I am trying to take care of the kids while only being able to open one eye. They [...]

Wash away my stress

Wash away my stresswash away my grimeuntil there's nothing let but my love Today was one of those days that sucked the motivation right out of me. I used it as a excuse to not work on my book. I need to finish the book. I need to fight the resistance. I can't [...]

Don’t know the lyrics

I don't singI don't know the damn lyricsbut when we lay together we know the beatmy god, do we know the beat I hope to keep loving you every day like the day we got married. Let's keep the passion flowing even when we are old and grey. I am very tired and [...]

Breath on the floor

I want to breath with you on the floor. I hope that my wife and I never lose that romance. We have been married 22 years. We still have a very involved romantic life. Which explains us having four kids. That isn't to say we don't have tough times. Our financial strain of [...]

All week you make me love

Why is it that when I spend the day with you all I can think about is love. It's sunday spend time those you love and hopefully someone new. The world needs us to love just a little more each day. Show love. Draw a heart.