Love has defeated death

Go tell everyone love has defeated death Spent a fun day with family. Happy Easter everyone. Love has has defeated death. Draw a heart. Show kindness.

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Good friday heart

Good Friday heart Took the day off. Which stressed me out a little. I really need the money but I thought it was more important for me to focus on my personal life today. I need to remember love will set me free. I have been busy lately and haven't really been able [...]

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Easter Love

Rough day... Trying to hold in there Today technology was not my friend. The computer, printer and cable modem decided to attack me. Well at least that is how it felt. I did spent 3 hours just trying to get a video posted to youtube. I couldn't scan my art. So I couldn't [...]

Happy Easter Heart

Love will rise. Spent the day with family,friends and loved ones. It was one of those perfect relaxing days. I had some good food. Great conversations with adults. I remembered to pick up the clay before the art store closed so my son can work on his school project tomorrow. I like the [...]