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Deep in the depths

Deep in the depthsunder it allour love flourished I have been posting art with the theme of love for over three years. In all that time I haven't had one piece get more than fifty likes. I keep spending money. I've redesigned my website three times. Its do for another overhaul. I don't [...]

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Sharing rubble

When the world endsI'm glad we will besharing a pile of rubble together Got a lot done today. Helped my dad clear out his garage so he can put a model A car inside. He is so happy that he is going to restore an old car. I hope that my son and [...]

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Only bet on love

I only bet on love looking forward to a morning I don't have to get up early. I over slept this morning. I only do that when I'm sick. Every muscle in my body hurt today. That didn't stop me from getting up. I had to get the kids ready for school. I [...]

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Drunk on you

  Baby you got me drunk on love A fun little piece tonight. Today my Winsor & Newton watercolor set came in. It was an early Christmas present for myself. 24 beautiful little packages. I will need to do more experimenting. Not use to high end paint. Most of the stuff I have [...]

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Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby I'm very lucky to be loved every day well pretty much every day by my wife. I sometimes don't know what she sees in me. I can be a moody artist type. I suffer from headaches and insomnia. Which make me more cranky. I had a migraine all last night. I [...]

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beer money / kiss like honey

Beer moneyKiss like honeylets tear up this sleepy town I have been married for 24 years. I have 4 kids. Yet my wife and I still have nights like we were first dating. We don't have much money. We have a lot of love. Sometimes we head out to grab a beer. To [...]

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Pull me down

You have the power to pull me down into the depths of love Today I worked in a crawl space so small it was like working in your own coffin. It was a tough day. Very tired. I lost my temper. I'm conflicted where I want my life right now. Need to focus [...]

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If I was entirely made out of love I would be the strongest man on the planet Draw a heart. Show love.

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Super bright love

Our love is so bright we have to wear shades Stressful day. My daughter had a melt down at school. i had to go get her. She was so tired that she fell asleep in the car on the way home.Between being sick and having allergies she hasn't been getting enough sleep. Plus [...]

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Stars shine brighter

Remember worldin the darknessthe stars shineBrighter So bust today i posted something on Instagram and am to busy to see in anyone like it. I wish it was for fun reason but no just work. Plus tired. Haven't been sleeping well again. Need to get some sleep. My kids did make me laugh [...]

Drawing lines

We need to stop drawing lines and start handing out hugs. Dying from a headache. I've had my head over a pot of simmering water for over an hour. I call these boiling my head. It's old school but it works. When it's really bad I apply a ice compress to my head. [...]

Humbled and broken

I am humbled and broken like the seashells on the beach. Took a walk on the beach today. I have been listening to Ryan Adams Prisoner all day. It's a great album. So excited. I wish I could see him in concert this year. When I get to the West coast he will [...]

Deep in your love

Drown me deep in your love. I keep exploring what it means to be immersed in love. For someone married over 20 years this is a thought I keep returning to. My wife and I have survived being married longer than a lot of our friends which amazes me. So many of our [...]

Valentine blue

I would call the cops for stealing my heart if I hadn't already stolen yours. Everything is wrong with this years Valentine. I am flat broke. I have a migraine. The wife is at work. I am trying to take care of the kids while only being able to open one eye. They [...]

Burn up the day

let's burn up the day holding each other Took care of all four kids tonight since the wife is at work. The wind is really howling outside. the painting over the fireplace mantle is rattling. It's been a long day. Earlier I helped my dad put in a new front door at his [...]