Pulled down the sun,moon and stars

love, heart

I pulled down the sun, moon and stars to show you how much I love you

I cleaned up an old beach cruiser today at my mom’s house and went for a little bike ride. It was so weird to see my old neighborhood 27 years later. I didn’t recognize anything. I am still jet lagged. The kids didn’t get up until 9:30 this morning and they went to bed at 8:30. Still haven’t made it to the beach. I want to see the Atlantic ocean. Tomorrow night maybe I will get to go down to the beach. It doesn’t look like I will get a car by monday. I hope to pick up one on tuesday.I am going a little stir crazy here in the country with no wheels.

Draw a heart. Show love.

2021-07-03T14:51:21-08:30August 27th, 2016|

New heights

love, heart, heights

Love taking us to new heights

Every day I take at lest one step towards a new height in my relationship with my wife. It’s not always easy. It’s work to be married 22 years. I know getting this far in life that it could end just as quickly as it started. It was a better day today for me. I am still hoping to take my son to comic-con. I am getting excited seeing everyone’s photos on social media. I did find a hotel but it was out of my price range. I am still hoping a place for us to crash. I am going to watch a little Stranger Things on Netflix.

Draw a heart. Show love.

2021-07-03T14:51:27-08:30July 20th, 2016|

A father’s heart

love father's day

I never knew I could be so happy.

Having kids changed my life. I became happier than I could ever imagine. This world may try to tear me down each day but my family builds me right back up. They give me the power to keep going. Happy Father’s Day everyone. Show love. Draw a heart. Make the world a better place even if it’s only just your home. It has to start some where. It could give the world that refreshing drink it needs.

2021-07-03T14:51:34-08:30June 19th, 2016|

Let love loose

love loving heart draw

let love loose everyday.

Had two root canals today. Not feeling the best. I fell asleep when I got home form the dentist so my sleep cycle is messed up. Watching a Mr. Robot. It is a great show. I am completely sucked in. I can’t stop watching. I hope I don’t stay up all night.

Draw a heart. Show love.

2021-07-03T14:51:34-08:30June 16th, 2016|

Stop hating

love, loving, kindness, stop hating

I left the world of hate behind me… For love

I have spent the last two years focused on love. I have drawn a heart pretty much every single night. I have felt myself become kinder. The other day my wife missed an appointment for the kids. Normally I would have lost my temper. I had to go back into a meeting and had to end the phone call. The conversation from my wife and kids after was how grumpy I would be later when I came home. They were surprised when I was all smiles. That is some great growth. I have a long way to go. Being Loving to me is the most important thing a person can inspire to do every single day. I still have a long journey in front of me. I hope I keep moving in the right direction. Now that doesn’t mean there isn’t wrong in this world. It’s just that the way I respond to it has changed. We can change this world with love because money isn’t doing it. Hate isn’t changing this world for the better. It is only making it worse. So take the time to draw a heart. Think about love. The show love.

2021-07-03T14:51:35-08:30June 15th, 2016|

Wow love

Love is like... Wow at least that is what I think when I see you.

Love is like… Wow at least that is what I think when I see you.

Spent time making new friends. Played golf. You know I am a happy man. Plus I have a call back audition tomorrow. It’s was quite a surprise for me to get the call. Need to get some sleep so I will be top notch at my audition.

Draw a heart. Show love.

2021-07-03T14:51:36-08:30June 10th, 2016|

the world’s weight

World bear your weight on me. You will not crush me for I have love

World bear your weight on me. You will not crush me for I have love.

This one took a life of it’s own. I am so tired I am going crossed eyed. Time to get to bed.

Draw a heart. Show your love.

2021-07-03T14:51:37-08:30June 1st, 2016|

Spinning love

Your love keeps the world spinning

Your love keeps the world spinning

Trying to start a business with just two people is crazy. I am so mentally tired. There are so many decisions to make. Time is pressing in on me. I really wish I had more time to complete the project. I would make it so much better but we have to keep moving. I feel like if we stop I will go broke. I have to trust it’s all going to work out. I am happy that there is so many people who love me. People who give me the strength to make it to the finish line.

Draw a heart. Show love.

2021-07-03T14:51:41-08:30May 11th, 2016|

My thoughts on love

I thought my life was all grey but it was a silver lining the whole time

I thought my life was all grey but it was a silver lining the whole time.

I have had a really rough week. My body is falling apart. I’m running on empty. I really have reached my mental limit. If I thought only about the negative aspects of my life I would spiral into a depression. The truth is all those things are pushing me into a better life.

Draw a heart. Show your love.

2021-07-03T14:51:46-08:30April 24th, 2016|

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