The depth of love

The depth of your love amazes me Sunday is family fun day. I hope you enjoy the drawing. Love someone today so deep that they can't fathom where it ends. Draw a heart. Show kindness.

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Ninja love

We love each other more than Ninjas love throwing stars. Sunday is family fun day. We had fun running errands this Sunday. My youngest son finished collecting all the little lego minifies from the Lego Batman movie. It was a fun day. Even got free cupcakes  when we stopped into Walmart. Going to [...]

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Blue doesn’t look good

Blue doesn't look good on youlet me paint you gold, let me paint you silver Almost forgot to post today. With 4 kids Christmas eve is insane. Have a lot to do be fore I can go to bed. Merry Christmas everyone. Think about showing love to someone tomorrow you don't know. Show [...]

Love has captured

Love has capturedMy mindbody and soul Trying to finish the year strong. I just posted my 1000th Instagram post. They are mostly drawaheart drawings. I need to do the math to see how many days until it will be 3 years doing this every day. I have grown a lot. My drawing has [...]

Love hook

Love is off the hook. A long day. It's time for us to let love of the hook. We need to fill this world with love. This isn't the time for being right or wrong it's the time for loving each other. This needs to be the central theme of my life each [...]

Keep sending love

Keep sending love the world needs it. Fought a headache all day. The people that hate us living above them are back. I spent most of the day out of the house with the family so they wouldn't complain. The only good part was it was at the library. Got a library card [...]

Every day love

Every day love a little bit more. It's election day. It's crazy out there. I got lucky voted early so no line. It's cold in our place so I am going to snuggle with the wife. Tomorrow when I wake up there will be a new President. Show love. Draw a heart.

Rainbow maker

Love the rainbow maker. Finishing up my drawing tonight as I watch the cubs play. I can't believe they are up by 7 at the top of the 3rd. I heard on the radio that they have a 13 percent chance of winning the world series. I think that is better odds than [...]

I have your love.

Life may be passing me by but at least I have your love. Life has been humbling me lately. I now have no place to live with my family. I would be freaking out if it wasn't for the love of my wife. I hope in the time it takes to pack and [...]

Pulled down the sun,moon and stars

I pulled down the sun, moon and stars to show you how much I love you I cleaned up an old beach cruiser today at my mom's house and went for a little bike ride. It was so weird to see my old neighborhood 27 years later. I didn't recognize anything. I am [...]

New heights

Love taking us to new heights Every day I take at lest one step towards a new height in my relationship with my wife. It's not always easy. It's work to be married 22 years. I know getting this far in life that it could end just as quickly as it started. It [...]

A father’s heart

I never knew I could be so happy. Having kids changed my life. I became happier than I could ever imagine. This world may try to tear me down each day but my family builds me right back up. They give me the power to keep going. Happy Father's Day everyone. Show love. [...]

Let love loose

let love loose everyday. Had two root canals today. Not feeling the best. I fell asleep when I got home form the dentist so my sleep cycle is messed up. Watching a Mr. Robot. It is a great show. I am completely sucked in. I can't stop watching. I hope I don't stay [...]

Stop hating

I left the world of hate behind me... For love I have spent the last two years focused on love. I have drawn a heart pretty much every single night. I have felt myself become kinder. The other day my wife missed an appointment for the kids. Normally I would have lost my [...]

Wow love

Love is like... Wow at least that is what I think when I see you. Spent time making new friends. Played golf. You know I am a happy man. Plus I have a call back audition tomorrow. It's was quite a surprise for me to get the call. Need to get some sleep [...]