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Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby I'm very lucky to be loved every day well pretty much every day by my wife. I sometimes don't know what she sees in me. I can be a moody artist type. I suffer from headaches and insomnia. Which make me more cranky. I had a migraine all last night. I [...]

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Torn down

I would have torn down the gates of heaven for your love Today's piece marks me doing this for three years straight. This will be my last piece for awhile. I have had fun. It's been stressful doing a piece every day no matter what. I have grown a lot. I will do [...]

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Snuggle bugs

This bed is full of snuggle bugs Going to spend some time snuggling with the wife. draw a heart. Show love.

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Pull me down

You have the power to pull me down into the depths of love Today I worked in a crawl space so small it was like working in your own coffin. It was a tough day. Very tired. I lost my temper. I'm conflicted where I want my life right now. Need to focus [...]

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Big heart mine

Big heart minemine that love for all she's got long day fixing up trailer. almost fell asleep waiting for picture to load. not much family fun today. Need to work less, Hope to be done working on place soon. Draw heart. Show love.

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Curves and edges

all your curves and edges.Damn I love every one of them Exhausted on so many levels. Life is killing me. Why do people play so many games. I can't get caught up in all this drama right now. Need to focus on the positive. On the people that love me. Draw a heart. [...]

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Pocket full of stars

a pocket full of stars isn't worth one of your kisses It's been all work work work. Instead it should be love love love. Draw a heart. Show kindness.

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Monitors of love

When our monitors aka faces both say love Another long tough day. I am thinking of giving up my daily posts. I am so tired but I only have another couple of months and I have done a piece for 3 years straight. Need to make it to the end., Then I will [...]

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Spread love

lets spread love across this big blue ball Very tired. My littlest one has been having night terrors all week. I have barely slept 3 hours a night. Need to go to bed Show love. Draw a heart.

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Pictures of love

If I told you I was taking pictures of love all day what would you see? I am sore from todays activities. Need to hit the hay. Show love. Draw a heart

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All week you make me love

Why is it that when I spend the day with you all I can think about is love. It's sunday spend time those you love and hopefully someone new. The world needs us to love just a little more each day. Show love. Draw a heart.

Love clogs the drain

Only love is going to keep this whole damn thing from going down the drain. Kids had a snow day today. Threw a monkey wrench into the whole day. I was trying to finishing writing the kids book I'm working on. When I was into the third rewrite I notice a little detail [...]

Oh, silly hate

Oh, silly hate you can never destroy love Sunday is family day. I am always lucky to get a drawing done. I usually don't set an alarm clock to get up but tomorrow I am going to need it. WE have a been fighting colds. I am happy to have work coming up [...]

Pictures of friendship

I covered the wall with pictures of people that love me. Now I can't find the light switch or... the window Show love. Draw a heart

Love stands out

Have your love stand out. Tired. More like tap out. I worked on my book today. Feel like I hit a creative wall. I will watch a little Captain Fantastic tonight. Tired of looking for work. Hoping to make some money before my sons third birthday. I would like to get him a [...]