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Devour my heart

Devour my heart. Very productive day. Went back to doing a construction job. Got a stairwell at a office building prepped for painting. Took the kids to the pool after work. had fun playing with them. Then I did a youtube video for our new toy channel. Then tried a little mixed media. [...]

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Dark Door

you&onlyyouhavebeenbehindthedarkdoorthatprotectsmyheart This is what happens when you listen to to much Leonard Cohen. My drawings get a darker tone to them. Getting tired of all the rain. It's been a long day. I painted two rooms at my Dad's condo. I have 3 more to do. I need to get them done before [...]

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Breath on the floor

I want to breath with you on the floor. I hope that my wife and I never lose that romance. We have been married 22 years. We still have a very involved romantic life. Which explains us having four kids. That isn't to say we don't have tough times. Our financial strain of [...]

loving advice talk show host

loving advice from Ellen. Talk show host is in. I first starting putting in drawings of Ellen to see if the wife would notice. She caught on but I wanted to see if I could do it for 30 days. This is the last one. I dream of being on Ellen some day. [...]

All week you make me love

Why is it that when I spend the day with you all I can think about is love. It's sunday spend time those you love and hopefully someone new. The world needs us to love just a little more each day. Show love. Draw a heart.

buried in love

bury yourself in love because work blows A very productive day until one of the little ones got sick. Learned how to add text to my images for my upcoming kids book. Very excited. Was a little frustrating at times getting the hang of it but finally got it to work. Fixed printer. [...]

Love clogs the drain

Only love is going to keep this whole damn thing from going down the drain. Kids had a snow day today. Threw a monkey wrench into the whole day. I was trying to finishing writing the kids book I'm working on. When I was into the third rewrite I notice a little detail [...]

Love stands out

Have your love stand out. Tired. More like tap out. I worked on my book today. Feel like I hit a creative wall. I will watch a little Captain Fantastic tonight. Tired of looking for work. Hoping to make some money before my sons third birthday. I would like to get him a [...]

Country music and too much love

Ever since I met you it's been sunshine, unicorns, rainbows & cupcakes. Oh, man singing country music is going to be so hard I went a little crazy with this one. I was thinking how my life was before I found love. It was a very dark place. Now it hasn't been all [...]

A pink submarine

what do you see?A world where everyone loves one another The world was a little to serious for me today. So I decided to draw something silly. I give a pink submarine. Plus I had a sick little girl to take care of. It's going to be a long night. Draw a heart. [...]

Left the world of right

We left the world of right to sail on the sea of love We spend so much time, effort and money on proving to people we are right. We are yelling at one another to prove our point. While people starve. While people are being sold into slavery. Is love dying a little [...]

Love keeps calling

I want to keep calling...until you hearI love you I have stared at the keys on my keyboard until they became blurry. I'm working on moving this site to another one. I want to try another name to see if it gets more traction. I have been doing this for years and I [...]

Garden of love

The garden of love is full of mysteries Even when you are in a pit one can still dream. Hitting some rough times right now. A friend from Los Angeles passed away the other day. He was only 42. He was incredibly sweet guy. When he came over to our apartment building to [...]

The cleansing waters

The sun& moonwere silentbut the watersthe cleansing watersdrowned us inits cool darkembrace Sunday is family time. Took the kids down to the beach. Practiced on my camera. I'm going to master that thing. practice makes perfect. Played cards with my kids. Lied the drawing of the guy in the picture tonight. I don't [...]

Put it behind you

put rage malice bitterness behind you The hardest thing I am trying to do this year. I want to be anger. I want to rage. I can't believe how depressed I am right now. Trying to turn 2017 around.. Show love. Draw a heart.