2017 New Year love

happy new year 2017

From the broken pieces of 2016 a new year for love will be born.

The girls are giggling like crazy in the other room. My two sons are having a pillow fight. I’m just rolling with it because in a few hours 2016 will be over. 2016 was a tough year for me. Well it was tough for the whole family. Some good did come from it. One thing is I’m not giving up on dreams. Realized that Los Angeles is my my home. For all my complaining I prefer to live in a city. When the chips are down I still have friends that will help. I have people that love me no matter the distance. We grew stronger as a family. Not that there wasn’t some rough stuff to get over. We have always had each other. We are a small little wagon train. When the crap hits the fan we circle around each other. We survive. I have some fun projects coming up.

The best news is we get an opportunity to audition for a national commercial as a family. It would be a life changing project for us. We are going to New York city for the audition. Which is awesome. The kids and wife have never been. I haven’t been there for thirty years. Wow that shows my age. I remember bartering with a guy in Macy’s over some watch. It was a crazy time back then. A group of us thought we saw Christina Applegate. We chased some poor girl all over the city until she lost us in the subway. I wonder what we were thinking. We had no plan. Just a bunch of young idiots. I am going to post my gofundme project tomorrow for this website. I need to raise money for art supplies and server fees. I will keep pushing forward. The thing I am most excited about is a novel I’m working on. The idea has been rolling around in my head for years. I have put a bunch of work into it lately. My goal is to get published in 2017. THere’s a bunch more stuff I have been working on but going to finish one at a time. 2017 is shaping up to be a great year for the Scott family. May your love shine so bright this year the whole world can see it.

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I passed away

love. married, you

I passed away when me became we

I’m the kind of person that reaches for a star. Then once I am there I think can I make it to that star. Its not that I am unhappy with my station in life. It’s I never stop dreaming. Ever curious. All this is because I am so loved. Having that solid foundation under my feet gives me that rocket pad to build my space ship to the stars. I love my wife. I love my kids. It’s been a tough year but we are making the best of it. We just got an audition for a 27 days film shoot. This would be life changing. The odds of us getting it our very slim. But I am really happy. Why? Because we have a chance. No matter how slim. We will keep reaching for the stars as a family. What I love more than anything is my kids see how they can reach for any thing they can dream up. Nothing makes me smile more than raising a family of dreamers.

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Full of snuggles

snuggles, love

Love is loud, crazy and full of snuggles.

A day full of progress. I wrote so much today. Almost no wasted time. A great day. Spent time with the kids. Show loved. Loved the wife. Had great food and drink. Staying mostly focused on my goal of being a more loving person. Tying to make the best use of the last few days of 2016. Though a cold has snuck up on me. Need to drink more fluids. Now I need to get to sleep on time.

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Carrie Fisher love

carrie fisher, love, star wars

the force is with you
you are part of the force
you will be loved forever

I grew up watching Star Wars. I first saw Star Wars A New Hope in Hawaii. The line wrapped around the theater three times. My dad handed me the money for the ticket and said enjoy. He wasn’t waiting in a line that long. It was magically. It was the first time I thought there could be other worlds. I collected as many figures as I could from the movie. At one time I had over a hundred. I cocooned myself in Star Wars lore. I made up my own stories. My imagination became strong in those years. It was the foundation for all the work I would do later in life. I would have loved to have worked with her. I most likely would have gushed like the school boy who fell in love with her from the seventies. I think she was the beginning of Princesses in cinema taking care of themselves. She was tough yet she loved. And no scruffy-looking Nerf herder was going to get in her way of a job that needed to be done. You have gone on to be part of the force. We will love you forever Carrie Fisher.

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Empty bottles + love

empty bottles love

There’s empty bottles on the floor
yet you still fill my broken heart

I do better with bad news than good news. Lately things have been a little blue. I am trying to recover from my depression. It helps that Christmas is over. I put so much pressure on myself. I want everything to be perfect. It never is. I keep making mistakes. Though the kids keep me from truly getting depressed like when I was younger. Having kids has been the best thing that ever happened to me. Before kids I lived in my shell. It was easy to do nothing. Now I keep reaching for more heights. One because I have bills to pay but really it’s that I want my kids to have better. I want my kids to see that dreams can come true. Every day reach for the stars. You may never make it but your kids may. I going out for a walk. Need to clear the hard to do some writing.

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Christmas love

christmas love

May your love shine so bright this coming year the whole world can see it
Merry Christmas everyone

Spent the day with the family. Kids loved their gifts. Went to see Star Wars Rogue One with my 12 year old son. We had a great time. Going to focus on putting joy and love in my life. Glad the kids are going to bed soon I’m tired. It was a late night and early morning. Need some nice sleep. When I get up in ┬áthe morning I will go grocery shopping.

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A million reasons

million reasons, lady gaga

I have a million reasons to go but…
I only need 1 to stay

Christmas crazy . Trying to hold it together. The holidays are always so stressful. When you have been married 22 years you are bound to have tough times. Lady Gaga’s song is exactly what I was thinking about. She does give me more than one reason to stay. She is such an incredible mother. She has supported my dreams through many lean years. I can be a crank around this time of year. Yet somehow she keeps loving me more. Need to focus the next few days on loving her. Now I need to go spend sometime with the kids watching How the Grinch stole Christmas.

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Heart at door

heart at door

I left my heart at the door
I will just sit here alone
maybe someone will bring it in.

I always have a rough time at around the holidays. I’m sad. I feel stuck. I don’t have any of my friends of 19 years here. I miss being able to walk down the street to go see a show. So many great acts coming through The hotel cafe. I miss the hot nights in December were I could go for a long walk. The only thing I am good at is to keep working. That is what I am going to do. I am going to finish one project after another. I need to stay positive and proactive. Going to watch Charlie brown Christmas with the kids. Even going to let them break the rules and stay up late.

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2021-07-03T14:50:54-08:30December 22nd, 2016|

Love and socks

love and socks

the only thing I need in this world is your love
and a good pair of socks

I love a good pair of socks. I had a long day. I had to help out Santa today. Which I could of only done with the help of a friend. I am always amazed at the love and generosity of my fellow humans. I am trying to finish this year on a positive note. I think this is the year were I reached for the stars and missed. i came down hard. It really knocked the wind out of me. I have mustard the strength to get back up. You know what is funny about Christmas for me? I just want everyone to be happy. I fret so much about it. It will be a lean Christmas for the kids I can only worry if they’re going to happy until then. Going to jump in the shower and put on a nice pair of warm socks. I miss the california weather so much.

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