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Me you sandwich

I love theMe you sandwich It should be you me sandwich but I like the sound of me you sandwich better. I haven't been feeling well lately. Really tired. I was mudding a wall today and the pan felt so heavy. I don't know if it's a lack of sleep. The hose to [...]

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Every season… Storm.

Every season... Storm. I will love you. Spent the day doing projects around the house. Trying to fight off this wave of depression. The year is ending and I feel unaccomplished. I need to finish a creative project before the year is over. I'm thankful for the loving support of my family during [...]

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Fear the thief

FearStop stealing my love Feeling stuck. Not living the life I want to live right now. I need to get off the mat. The terrible thing is I knocked myself down. I have learned a lot about myself in the last few months. One thing I have learned if I don't have a [...]

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Heaven kissed me

Heaven reached down and kissed me Working on getting our stuff consolidated down to fit in a 29 foot trailer. It's not easy. We lived in an a apartment for almost 20 years. Sometimes I miss the space. I do like a nice kitchen. I am hoping setting up a grill area will [...]

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I fight through

I fight throughthe painthe miserythe broken dreamsnothing is going to stop mefrom your love Everyday can be a struggle to live when you suffer from chronic pain but it's never been a struggle to love you. Time to spend some time with the wife. Keep loving each other everyone. Show love. Draw a [...]

Deep in your love

Drown me deep in your love. I keep exploring what it means to be immersed in love. For someone married over 20 years this is a thought I keep returning to. My wife and I have survived being married longer than a lot of our friends which amazes me. So many of our [...]

Catapult love

never stop catapulting love into the world In four months I will be married 23 years. It seems like only yesterday. I still want to chase her around the room but all those kids we have get in the way now. I can't imagine a life without her. She still annoys me. I [...]

Oh, love song

Oh, love song you take me to a special placethat only you & me canfly away to Very tired. You are bound to have one of those days when you have four kids. Last night all of them had something going on. From being sick to nightmares. I don't think I slept more [...]

Love keeps calling

I want to keep calling...until you hearI love you I have stared at the keys on my keyboard until they became blurry. I'm working on moving this site to another one. I want to try another name to see if it gets more traction. I have been doing this for years and I [...]

The magic of love

I will never stop believing in the magic of love Even I have grown weary of my begging/ crowdfunding. I feel like I'm beating a dead horse or at least a horse no one wants. I really need to focus on the marketing of a crowdfunding campaign. Maybe a silly video would be [...]

Garden of love

The garden of love is full of mysteries Even when you are in a pit one can still dream. Hitting some rough times right now. A friend from Los Angeles passed away the other day. He was only 42. He was incredibly sweet guy. When he came over to our apartment building to [...]

smiles, giggles and sunshine

Let's spend the day chasing smiles, and giggles and sunshine. Grateful for a day with the kids. It looks like I may take a job out of town. I would will be gone from my family during the week. I would come on the weekends. I need the work. The bills are stacking [...]

Love & dance & dance & love

We are here to love & dance & dance & dance & dance & lovelet's not forget loveok back to dancing. one of the few times I changed it after posting the drawing on instagram. The ok. back to dancing wasn't there when I posted it on instagram. AS I was getting ready [...]

Ride love song

Let's ride this love song all the way to heaven. Day after day we should love each other. Instead we have gotten to this point were we want to be right more than we want to be loving. If we loved one another we would have to take some time to listen to [...]

Love stops the collapse

Love keeps it from collapsing in on us Struggling. Got home late from helping my dad at his house. Every time we touched the plumbing it started leaking. Had to run to Lowes a few times. We fixed each leak. That kind of sums up my life right now. Any time I touch [...]