Caution shiny heart

CautionShiny little heart will cause blindness The smallest act of love shines brighter than all the hate of the world. Don't forget to let that heart shine each day. Draw a heart. Show love.

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Love has defeated death

Go tell everyone love has defeated death Spent a fun day with family. Happy Easter everyone. Love has has defeated death. Draw a heart. Show kindness.

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Only love today

I am only doing one thing today. Love. I wish love was the only thing I did today. I am still getting use to doing construction again. Body is a little sore. I had to run to the grocery store. Then after I got home I found out the cat and lizard didn't [...]

The cleansing waters

The sun& moonwere silentbut the watersthe cleansing watersdrowned us inits cool darkembrace Sunday is family time. Took the kids down to the beach. Practiced on my camera. I'm going to master that thing. practice makes perfect. Played cards with my kids. Lied the drawing of the guy in the picture tonight. I don't [...]

smiles, giggles and sunshine

Let's spend the day chasing smiles, and giggles and sunshine. Grateful for a day with the kids. It looks like I may take a job out of town. I would will be gone from my family during the week. I would come on the weekends. I need the work. The bills are stacking [...]