sperman love

If love was a super power
We would make Superman look like a chump

It has been a long day. If I told you want happened our jaws would hit the floor. I really ┬ácan’t believe the hate being shown to me for doing the right thing. You would think this would depress me. It hasn’t in fact it has done the opposite. I want to show more love. I almost want to break out in song. Almost. I came home. Spent time with my family. My youngest song was laughing pushing around a clothes pin on the kitchen countertop for an hour. I don’t need much when I have them. Life will go on. Sad people will fill their house up with hate and lies. I will go to bed with love in my heart and a smile on my face. I look forward to the next day.

On other note I am still not ready for Christmas. Not one bit. Need to get my but in gear.

Show love. Draw a heart.