sun, surf,love

what more do
you need?

love, love, love how productive I have been lately. Really been on a roll. I am really knuckling down on projects. Planting some great seeds for 2017. Work. Work. Work is all I am doing. Well not really. I fell in love with a new cartoon. I love cartoons. Ajin Demi-human is a great series. I love that he only wants to be a better human yet everyone thinks he is a jerk. Fun series. Will finish both seasons in the next couple of days. Being really writing up a storm. I bought a book on structuring a novel because I am crazy like that. I order such weird different stuff from Amazon that I wonder if Amazon is like this guy is weird. I have to many interests. Sometimes I wish I didn’t sleep. I could learn more. I could do more. Though I have been getting good sleep lately. I have been using that energy towards projects as much as possible. Plus been having a good run of no headaches. When I have those two things happening I am loving life. I feel like I have the strength of a hundred men when I am healthy. 2017 is going to be the year of me loving life to the fullest. Let’s have love rule 2017.

Sow love. Draw a heart.