sugar love

Would you, Would you
Would you be my sugar, sugar
cause I want you on every thing

I am going to spend the next 11 days drawing a heart inspired by each song from Maren Morris album Hero. i want to show how creativity is inspired by a number of factors. One of them for me is music. I am always listening to music. When I find something I like I wear it out. I listen to it over and over on repeat. Hero for me was on of those albums I listened to over and over. I love her voice. The lyrics are incredible. We can find a number of things to inspire us to create. During these eleven days I will touch base on all the things I have tried and what works for me. One I put a lot of work into these drawings. Here is the first sketch I did when hearing the song.

love sugar

Sugar + Love rough sketch. How I was inspired right away.

Write your thoughts down or draw a picture right away. I can’t tell you how many times I had a great idea for a story or a piece of art work. I thought I would jot it down later. Later when I went to write it down I would have forgot the details. I may have forgot the idea all together. The only thing I could remember was I was suppose to do something. I can not stress this enough. When you have that spark of creativity WRITE IT DOWN. Doing the work is important. I think people believe artist are blessed by some magical power. That it all comes out at once and then we sit by the pool collecting checks. It’s grinding out day after day. I have spent countless hours going over and over on a piece trying to get it right. This is what we do because we love creating. It is also a piece of our soul. I hope later to expand on these thoughts and turn them into a book on the creative process.

On a personal note I was very productive today. I feel very happy with the work I got done. Spent time with the family. Even got a run in before it got dark. A all around good day.

Show love. Draw a heart.