sugar baby

Sugar Baby

I’m very lucky to be loved every day well pretty much every day by my wife. I sometimes don’t know what she sees in me. I can be a moody artist type. I suffer from headaches and insomnia. Which make me more cranky. I had a migraine all last night. I tried everything to get rid of it. I slept maybe 15 minutes. I was a crank. Instead of doing all the stuff she needs to do in the morning to get ready and our 4 kids ready. She took the time to hold me. Her embrace eased the pain a little. It was a long day. I came home late from work. I bought a pizza so I could do my art instead of making dinner. I am very lucky to be loved. Not many people care if I do art. My wife cares. She is always supporting me. Cheering me on to do more work. A lot of the time the art I make is for her.

Draw a heart. Show love.