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I left the world of hate behind me… For love

I have spent the last two years focused on love. I have drawn a heart pretty much every single night. I have felt myself become kinder. The other day my wife missed an appointment for the kids. Normally I would have lost my temper. I had to go back into a meeting and had to end the phone call. The conversation from my wife and kids after was how grumpy I would be later when I came home. They were surprised when I was all smiles. That is some great growth. I have a long way to go. Being Loving to me is the most important thing a person can inspire to do every single day. I still have a long journey in front of me. I hope I keep moving in the right direction. Now that doesn’t mean there isn’t wrong in this world. It’s just that the way I respond to it has changed. We can change this world with love because money isn’t doing it. Hate isn’t changing this world for the better. It is only making it worse. So take the time to draw a heart. Think about love. The show love.