smiles, giggles, sunshine, love

Let’s spend the day chasing smiles, and giggles and sunshine.

Grateful for a day with the kids. It looks like I may take a job out of town. I would will be gone from my family during the week. I would come on the weekends. I need the work. The bills are stacking up. I was hoping my gofundme campaign would bring in a little more money. When your back is against the wall you realize what is important. I have to take care of my family first. It will put some miles on my car. I pray it holds up. I will need to keep a laser focus during this time if I want to keep doing this blog. It will also slow down my plan of getting other projects done.

I was doing well but I hit a wall in my life. 2017 has to get better. I will try a few things during the week to see if I can make something happen local. But that has a very slim chance. I did have some creative break throughs today. So I am excited about stuff I will do in the future. After I do this job I would have leeway with my time. Which is also nice. My palm trees are looking good. If painting palm trees was a job I think I could make a living doing it. I am still learning to draw people. Especially hard for me is drawing people with movement. After looking at the picture I drew I think the guys neck is to long. I keep trying to get better. I will practice more rough sketching. I would like to try rough sketching people in public. It would push my to get better at drawing movement.

I did buy a nice new book on the subject. Sketching People by Lynne Chapman. I can’t wait to dig into it. Doing art has been an oasis for me this last couple of years. Every day there’s challenges how I overcome them is the important part. I can be angry or I can learn to look for a blessing. A lot of time a trail in my life blessed me down the road. I need to grab some dinner. Please consider giving to my ground me campaign.