love heart draw

There wasn’t a shade of me I hide from you. Your heart was mine. my heart was yours.

Watched Captain America civil war tonight. Yes my life has been that busy that I haven’t seen it until now. I have no idea where they are going to go after this. I love when he became Nomad in the comics.

Still trying to find my place in this world. I was hoping to find a place to lay my head. It is turning out to be harder than I thought. I have the love of my wife and kids to keep me going, I lately have been getting caught up in the details of life. I have to focus on the broad strokes. IF I don’t get the big stuff together the little stuff really doesn’t matter. My life has always been my family first. It is hard for me to think of my art first. Will I ever get it right? I don’t know. The best part is I have love in my life to give me the energy and strength to carry on.

Show love. Draw a heart.