Scarred heart rebuilds

your heart will heal.
your heart will heal.

Today my wife and son had a birthday. I am well loved by my children and wife. My teenage self would never thought I would have the life I have now. I spent a lot of years in darkness. A lot of years of not feeling loved. I had a rough life. I’m not talking I couldn’t find a parking spot at the mall rough. I am talking why aren’t you in therapy for the rest of your life rough. I don’t want to harp on my past. What I want to shout from the roof tops is my victories. Love has set me free. I have a life I would never have dreamed off when I was younger. If life has you down hold on it will get better. Trust me it will get better. You have to get through the desert. I will keep drawing a heart every day to remind myself life has so much love in it.

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