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In my crazy heart there is many rooms

I didn’t have the productive day I wanted. I download gimp in the morning. I want to start editing my drawings to put on shirts. I watched youtube videos to learn how to do this. Then spent way more time to on one drawing than I should have. I then set up a dazzle store front. I then went through the process of put a design on the shirt. I thought it would be free but it looks like I have to pay. Will investigate further another day. Then tried to work on my new website. The one I want to transfer all this stuff over to. Kids were acting crazy today. i had to stop every five minutes to tell them to stop some sort of bad behavior. I couldn’t believe how crazy they were acting today. Then my dad came over. He wanted to try to buy an RV from craigslist. I tried to make an appointment with the guy but it ended up being sold. I am out of sorts lately.

I am thinking of moving away from putting all the art in hearts. I will go back to pieces with hearts added. This piece was a mix of the two. Some where in the middle of working on this I changed styles. The people became more cartoon than stick figures. Don’t know why. I wanted to put a punk rock Harry Potter in the room under the stairs. I thought if Harry grew up and everyone knew his magical parents so he rebelled into a non magical punk rock muggle. Have no idea why that train of thought even existed. Then I had dinner. Hanged out with the wife. Bugged the wife. Bugged the wife so more. Than went back to finishing this piece. My art pieces are evolving. I have no idea how this year is going to turn out. I need to finish projects. If I don’t I’m royally screwed, Work work and than more work should be my motto. Need to make things happen.

Draw a heart. Show love.