love song, heaven, heart, love

Let’s ride this love song all the way to heaven.

Day after day we should love each other. Instead we have gotten to this point were we want to be right more than we want to be loving. If we loved one another we would have to take some time to listen to the other person. To feel their pain. We would try to help that pain go away. Instead we can be right. We don’t have to listen because we are right. What can anyone offer if I am right? A lot. We can’t be right 100 percent of the time.


I once took the subway downtown to a art show. When I went to go home the machines wouldn’t take my card. I kept trying. In the end I went through the turnstiles. I needed to get home to watch my 4 kids so my wife could go to work. If she got fired from that job we couldn’t afford to live in our apartment. We could end up homeless. When I got off the subway the MTA police were there and asked to see my pass. I told them my story. They didn’t care. In fact the officer got confrontational. I even had printed receipts form the kiosks. The officer got in my face and told me that if I didn’t pay I could be arrested. (all over a 1.35)I was able to use an atm to pay the fare. Now my friend later thought the whole thing was unfair. But I told him the law doesn’t care. In fact according to the law I should never got on the subway and just walked home. (this was before Uber) This is why the law is blind.

I keep trying. Every single day to love a little more. TO be kind. It’s not always easy when you are struggling. You are being pulled in a hundred directions. I am hoping to raise money for my gofundme campaign. I want to keep sharing a loving thought each day with the world.