rich plus love

If lies were love
than we would all be drippin diamonds
like Marilyn

Today’s heart drawing is inspired by the second song Rich on Maren Morris album Hero. Rich is a great song but I want my heart drawings to have a positive vibe to them so it was difficult to peg down what part of the song I would focus on. I chose to focus on the fact even though the person in the song has made mistakes getting together with the wrong person they haven’t really given up on love. Love is worth trying each day.

Now how did I tackle this creatively.. I quickly drew what inspired me. then later I listened to the song over and over. I then read the lyrics. Then I broke those lyrics down to how they would fit into my heart drawing. Now I had to do this all in my time frame. Today all four kids were off and we had plans if I didn’t stick to the allotted time than I would never finish the project. Give yourself hard deadlines. Make the art Gods bend to your schedule not the other way around.

We went to see Moana. It was fun. The best part we went to the small town movie theater I went to as a teenager. The girl working at the place even took pictures of us. It was a really great time. We they went and got Thanksgiving supplies. We plan to spend the day just hanging out loving each other with a side of annoying. Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Show love. Draw a heart.